Clock is ticking on a super free kick

With ample time left before 30 June, now could be a good time to catch up on super. The early part of each year is often a good time to review your investing strategy for the calendar year ahead and beyond. And, with less than six months to go before 30 June, it’s also a … Read more

Investors making a comeback

During the past couple of years property investors have been less active as interest rate rises began eating into their profits. However, as 2024 begins, it’s clear more investors are returning to the real estate market. According to the ABS lending indicators report for October, new loan commitments for investors increased by 5% in one … Read more

Talking money with a partner

Here are some factors to consider before you join finances with a partner.  While you’ve likely imagined what a future with your partner looks like, you may not have considered the financial implications of that future. Think: careers, kids, caring for aging parents, and even where you want to live and travel to. In reality, … Read more