Rental property as investment or business

If you own a rental property or holiday home, work out if your rental arrangements are for an investment or a business. Common rental arrangements Common rental arrangements include where you: rent part of the property (rent out a room) rent the property for part of the year have a domestic arrangement with family members … Read more

Reverse mortgage and home equity release

If you’re age 60 or over, own your home and need to access money, releasing equity from your home may be an option. There is risk involved and a long-term financial impact. Get independent financial or legal advice before you go ahead. How home equity release works ‘Equity’ is the value of your home, less … Read more

Managed investment trusts

Check the income to declare, when to report a loss, and deductions you can claim for managed investment trusts. Types of managed investment trusts Managed investment trusts include: cash management trusts money market trusts mortgage trusts unit trusts managed funds, such as a property trust, share trust, equity trust, growth trust, imputation trust or balanced … Read more